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Here you can buy followers of highest quality that are former real people accounts with a history and stories, and we deliver it with an extraordinary speed so turning the process into instant moments! We don't send bulk bots, but only exclusive fans base and this is the reason why our prices on Instagram followers in 2023 are only a little higher than on other sites. But a better result is worth it, isnt it?

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We are happy to complete any kind of your order. In case you are one step from becoming a customer for a bigger or targeted package, please write our managers using Contact Us section of our site before making a payment. If you wish to specify the country of origin of followers, to share your idea with us or write us about an issue or any other question, you're welcome to use the link at the footer of the homepage to visit this section. The average response time is about 3-10 minutes.

Why Buy Instagram Followers?

People just love to buy real Instagram followers to have their accounts look great. Some need to open the access to Instagram's limited marketing features of business accounts, others buy a boost to support their blogs thus to have an impact on the organic growth. No matter what the reason is our hi-end real followers bundles always make a good impact on promotion of any type of Insta-accounts.

Still wondering why many do it here? It's simple. On Instagram as well as on Facebook and YouTube every new follower helps you build a better engagement on your publications no matter if the account belongs to business, it is a blog or some personal profile. Fusing a paid service which casts an increase on your followers count with an intelligent promotion would bring you a high retention and probably the best set of benefits from it. At krootez we offer our customer to receive real followers the drip, natural way or instanly so it's possible to keep the process of promoting the account flexible. Plus you can try this advantage for a cheap price. The option to target your future audience and to choose a place of their origin is also available from the list, please use our faq section to read about it. Our website is designed according to reviews, comments and experience of many clients for years. We build and change it to become the best tool to get a quick increase on Instagram with at a reasonable rate. Here's why many buy followers and why they do it with us.

Advance your career on Instagram faster!

You grow your audience much faster when you buy Instagram followers than if trying to engage people to follow you naturally. Buying Instagram followers is especially important at the first step when you are at the very beggining of your life on Instagram with only a few posts, and don't have your own audience yet. Pick a package to start with and gain followers to see your account and photos on Instagram get much more appreciated by new visitors, and receive an increase on its visibility and exposure if doing things right. Don't forget to ocassionally push your growth forward by getting a bundle of fans. Using the platform's native ads to increase your brand's awareness or to market the content is highly recommended and would be helpful and effective as well.

Start earning on Instagram

You are a juicy fruit to the brands and companies if you hold many followers on your account. They love to cooperate with platform's bloggers that got many subsribed to their Instagram. In this case buying real followers can do the most of the dirty job on the way of making your page look much more attractive to sponsors, brands and agencies. Jump in and get your career started right now!

It saves you time

You don't have to waste a lot of time anymore if you don't want to. No more searching for a way to find small pieces of extra audience day by day. Stop living on different forums, commenting on articles and putting likes to posts of others to capture their attention. Make them visit your blog on Instagram instead. All you have to do is to check our products listing, buy followers, and then to see a number of people knocking at the door of your account instantly - they are your novel fans, and they are going to improve your awareness organically. Save your time, just let them in immediatelly! We know how to do it the best way, and be sure you'll like it.

Go popular quickly

If getting Insta-popular fast is what you seek, you are in the right place. Here you can find all the required services to get more followers easy and fast. Running marketing campaigns on social media becomes very fruitful today along with turning to a very complex story to dig in if you are a novice in Instagram. Here, on Krootez, everyhing you have to do is pick a service and pay a little money to our specialist to do the work for you. Reach us with your email or use a "write us" section here in case you got a question or need some help. Have fun!


Is it legit or risky to buy followers?

You don't break any law or rule if you buy Instagram followers from us. We provide services from pages created by real people letting them perform social actions such as following other users. Our service stands for absolute privacy, safety and security. We never ask for password, pin codes or any other type of personal information. We have never experienced an issue of Instagram banning a user for reasons of buying a package from us. You will never get a profile looking fake, but a fresh completely set social friends which come with full bio, an avatar, a sequence of publications and their own following.

How fast will you send me followers?

Our delivery speed is a subject to two conditions: first one is the factor of quantity and the second is the our current queue. Usually the time required to process the order and to start the delivery does not exceed 5 minutes, in most cases the start is almost instant. Extreme periods such as platform's updates and its consequences may stretch this period to hours, but it's rather an exception than a rule.

I'd like to buy Instagram followers with PayPal

In 2023, there is no way to buy Instagram followers with PayPal or Stripe. These online payment processors no more accept transactions to companies related to social media services. Please, when on checkout, use your credit card details (Visa, Mastercard) on our banking operator's payment gate to order followers from us.

What are the guarantees?

We guarantee the digital goods you ordered will reach you completely. In case of any issue with the delivery, please feel free to get in touch with our staff via contact form - we are always happy to create and give a solution. If any issue occured is our fault, we always complete the delivery and give a bonus from our company. We are looking for a long relationship with each of the customers ever bought from us and provide even a smaller rate for our regular buyers.

My followers dropped when using other sites. Will it happen with you?

Alas, sometimes it happen. We deal with real people's profiles on one side, and Instagram itself that makes people lose followers by wiping it out now and then on the other. But unlike the total majority of other vendors we also give a fair 30 days free refill guarantee if our followers decide to leave you with the time for any reason.

Our Customers Speak Of Us


Krootez dove deep into my brand and business lines and showed up with a clear understanding of my needs. The results were not numbers of followers on my account, but a strategy helping me grow my organic fan base further.


I would definitelly recommend this site to anyone who starts running sales on Instagram. The results is well worth the spent money. One less thing I have to worry about.


Krootez always performs over my expectations. Highly recommend.


I'm relatively new to social media management etc, and they are always here to assist. They provide the most friendly, professional and responsive support I have ever had from a seller of fans. It is especially so for Jess, a pleasure to work with.


Very helpful with progress, seen clearly on every post. Easy and fast.


Great solution to help a blogger move forward, I'm satisfied with your job.


I want to thank Jess here, she really took time out and tried to understand what I exactly need and then delivered beautifully. And I love your site!


Krootez works. I order they deliver. I told the support what I exactly needed and they got me there holding my hand through the process. A great result fast.


Krootez has been excellent from day 1 and they have continued providing a quality service.