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Most Frequent Issues

I've got my order paid, but my package hasn't been delivered for already 15 minutes.

A delivery may take a little more time sometimes even if it is a small one. The period of time before the delivery starts depends on the package you have purchased, the payment system approving the money transfer, the delivery queue and our servers' current load. Usually it takes about 2-10 minute to start, but sometimes requres more. In cases of IG's being updated the delivery time may last up to 24h, but it is more an exception than a usual condition.

It's been already hours but my package hasn't reached me.

Please, contact our support via this contact form, including your Order Number. It is located in the end of the receipt you got from the payment system, right at the description of the product you bought and the sum, it is a 9 or 10 digits number which starts with 16, you're not going to miss it in the receipt. In most cases such issues get solved in minutes by our managers.

My followers are dropping.

Some of our customers experience this effect because of Instagram's new algorithms just undo the operations they consider unnatural for some signs of activity. Right now there is no way to circumvent such issue, but we offer a guarantee period of 20 days since the date of purchase, and we will be happy to refill your order and replenish the lost volume during this period. In order to get a refill, please, write us including your Order ID (you can find this number in the section of the package description in the email receipt you got from PayPal as a confirmation for your transaction, it is also can be found in the transaction report with PayPal app on your mobile) and keep your account public until the refill is complete.

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