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Yes, the process of buying Instagram likes followers and views on Krootez.com is 100% safe.

We have designed our website to achieve maximum protection and security for our customers. You don't have to log in to our system with your social media accounts data to receive high grade services from our team! The delivery process is performed into line with the requirements of Instagram by high class smm specialists, so it is 100% safe for your account as well!

What is made really easy to use is our ordering process.

All you need is your account's name on a social media or a link to the post to deliver the package to. That's all! All the rest is done by the specialists of our team. What is really important is that you can ask our support for help 24/7, the most of issues are solved in a minute! Everything is very easy here, right?

  • Choose the service of your favor and pick the required package
  • Follow the instructions and fill the fields of a pricing
  • Make a payment and wait for the delivery

We work hard to make the processing and the delivery parts achieve the minimum time ranges, the majority of orders are delivered in minutes after the payment has reached our billing. Some are even instant - they get to the gost in less than a minute! That's incredible. Sure, there are issues, when the order gets stuck for some reasons. The process of working with social media is completely based on software and hardware, and sometimes it fails. But please don't panic - we deliver all of the orders our customers make. Sometimes it may take a little more time, but don't worry - your order will be processed and delivered!

Sure we have!

Being our regular customer means you receive all the great marketing programs on our offers, links to our secret seasonal sales, bonus boost coupons on bigger packages and so on. We always put a little more with the delivery when it is about big orders. Buy 2000 followers on Instagram or Facebook to see what's inside. The same with packs of likes.

What you need to know about our free refill guarantees is here in short:

We guarantee our followers and likes will not disappear, but sometimes Instagram and Facebook perform a clearing procedure for the databases, purging the accounts from our worklists and it may affect the numbers you already have with our delivery. In such cases we offer a free refill period of 30 days, when you can refresh your number of fans and likes with our powerup. But there are some limitations, read about it below. Free refill instructions:

  • Free refill period is 30 days after the purchase.
  • We will not give a refill if you make a purchase on another site, app or vendor after the delivery from krootez.com.
  • We write your starting number of likes or followers and the final number after the delivery. The refill will not exceed your final number.
  • We cancel our guarantee in case your number has dropped below the inital number of the order delivered by us.

It's very easy to contact our managers with a contact form. You can find it on the Contact Us page of the menu. The average response time is about 5 minutes. If you have any proposal for the site's administration or the senior staff, please use the contact form - your message will reach us in the shortest time!

We know cases of nothing is happening for an hour, 25 or 50 hours! Terrific! People panic and blame the service for malfunctioning or even cheating. But please, don't think of us so. The common reason for your order has not reached you yet is that your account is set private. We can not deliver Instagram likes followers and views to private accounts. So please ensure that its setting is switched to Public before making an order. To solve this issue asap act as following:

  • Take a look at your account's settings.
  • If it is set to Private, switch the setting to Public mode.
  • Let us know of your problem via Contact Us section of our site so our support can solve the issue as soon as possible!

Another common reason for such issues is that the Payment system fails to send us the receipt so our billing can't process your order the right way. Don't worry - such cases get solved in minutes if assisted by our support.

  • Follow to the Contact Us section.
  • Write us about the issue including your Order Number - it is located in the receipt you got from the payment system near the Package Name and the Sum.
  • Our managers will check it and reprocess your order manually!

No, you don't have to.

You don't have to perform any special additional actions after the order is paid and delivered. Focus on making your content original and bright, write comments put likes and answer your fans to boost your ourganic growth on social media. In order to make your account grow follow these steps:

  • Upload beautiful photos and stunning videos, follow the trends of social media when designing your content.
  • Do your best at involving your fans into convesation on your pages. Remember to put likes on comments and on photos and videos of your followers.
  • Post some useful hints and original lifehacks time to time. It is one of the most efficient ways to get your posts pinned and saved by your subscribers.

If your order is specific or too large and you can't find an offer from our list that match your requirements, please contact our manager for the assistance. We serve custom orders every day - our team will do our best to meet your expectations and to suit your needs.

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