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Now it's time to be fair with yourself, just imagine you start a new blog and nobody neither knows you nor values your media and publications, would it be an easy job for you to make it popular with only a few weeks?

Even an experienced professional would consider this objection challenging and time-consuming. Probably such assistant would decline your offer to develop it from the start and quit to spend his time more efficiently and I definitely understand this position. From the time of very beginning Instagram has made huge progress from the point of where it was just a hipster photo sharing app with plates of food, cats, beards and flannel shirts on photos to a number one mass media ultra-competitive unforgiving business platform with a relatively low financial entry threshold. What is really required from a beginner at the first steps is to dress up the account and make it look perfect. This is the exact reason why people buy 100 Instagram followers.

Why us?

At first sight, the process of raising and developing a regular base of followers seems to be a complicated and long process. It is also essential to take into consideration the fact of thousands of people try to do the same things in any possible niche daily.

In 2019 Instagram seems to grow at making an impression of a giant ant hill. Along with performing the everyday routine Instagram users seek the assistance of companies that offer boosting services, many find buying followers a fruitful and supportive way to invigorate the common life of their insta-pages. This is the answer to the question of why people from all over the world visit daily to buy 100 Instagram followers. We have witnessed cases of dramatic successes in the process of growing on Instagram during the past years with the help of our team. Krootez is a top source and world-famous vendor to buy Instagram followers from. We have our own base of accounts created and formerly ran by real people and this is what makes a significant difference between any other website offering to buy followers at and us.

Advantages of buying from Krootez?

If you ask any blogger or a marketing expert about the volume to start with, their answers will be about the number of 100 followers. This quantity is a must when improving a just started insta-blog or to give some daily extra to the page already known to many. Buying Instagram followers from us gives the following advantages:

Expand the number of your followers in only a few clicks.

Why wasting much of your time at the beginning when nobody wants to follow you no matter what kind of content you bring to the world? You are special, you are interesting, you do crazy things? It's none of anyone's interest until you got enough followers. At Krootez you do this really fast.

Get a bigger chance of organic growth.

With the account dressed right, you got a much greater chance to be noticed. Buying followers along with applying other social boosts make your page, your content and your personality or business much more interesting to visitors. Keep in mind that in today's world presentation is vital, people judge others by how they look, so they do with your image on Instagram.

Secured operations.

Nobody will know you're buying something from us, ever. Krootez is a totally safe website to work with, we don't collect any kind of personal information and all the payments are done with PayPal via SSL security protocol. Absolutely nothing to worry about

Fast speed and high-class service.

Your 100 followers will reach you in only minutes right after you make a payment and it will be transferred to us. One minute to process and one minute to put fifty Instagram profiles on a queue to shift to you. You will be surprised by the quality of profiles of your new fans, each of them gets defected from thousands to start being available for public access.


What should I do before I buy 100 Instagram followers?

We recommend following the next steps before making a purchase. First, ensure that your account is set to public because applying any boosting package to a profile set private is impossible. Second, get yourself an avatar if you don't have one and fill in your details with a brief description. Third, if your profile is brand new you'll have to upload some photos or videos for Instagram not to consider our delivery of followers a fraudulent operation. That's it, you are now ready to make a purchase on Krootez. Have fun!

Will my new followers stay permanent or will leave with time?

Previously it was very easy to guarantee that your newcoming followers will not leave you. Today it is an equation with many variables and it depends on Instagram's algorithms of tracking such operations as well as on your account's own features like history and statistics for similar following/unfollowing actions and social report. Our tech department is always aware of the newest updates on Instagram and tries to make the best of keeping your followers permanent, but sometimes it's just not enough. So we guarantee a period of 20 days since the date of purchase when we will refill your order for free if the drop happens. Please, see the Terms And Conditions section of this site to consider the terms of Refill in more details.

Do I have to put likes to my new followers and write comments to their publications?

No, you don't have to, but that is welcome. In this case, you show some interaction with your new followers, it is considered an organic action and so there's a better chance of your new followers will not leave you. Some of your new friends will still live their lives on Instagram, so showing some appreciation to their pictures or videos could be a good idea.



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