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1000 Instagram Followers

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Just taste it saying 1000 Instagram followers. A thousand seems big, massive and reliable, it sounds like something special, especially if you buy it on Krootez because you get only high-quality followers. Adding the volume of this pack to your number of fans brings confidence and belief, it increases self-esteem and rockets up the value of your Insta-blog in the eyes of visitors.

Hundreds visit our website daily to buy 1000 Instagram followers and each of our customers has their own reason for such purchase. No matter what type or niche of the Insta-page people run, this package has proven itself to be a powerful hitter for any promotional purpose. We don't recommend our customers to get it in the first instance - we believe that a process of growing a page must be smooth so just helping to collect the flow of organic traffic on the account, so we consider this package more efficient at supporting an existing volume at a stable level. Even so, there are over 1000 customers per week that buy the delivery on their fresh pages.

How to buy 1000 followers?

Today it's easy and difficult at the same time to buy 1000 followers on Instagram. It's too difficult to find the best vendor from the list of hundreds with similar offers, many even look like the same with names and descriptions so it's easy to get lost in this jungle of websites, apps, and services. And it's easy to do it on because we made this process simple to absolutely anyone. Our website doesn't require any special skills or any information except for your name on Instagram to receive our enhancing treatment.

Set your profile public

This point is a must when you buy 1000 Instagram followers or any type and volume of a package on this website. For the reason of Instagram's design and terms of use we cannot deliver anything on profiles kept private, so, please, before ordering anything change your settings, go public and stay so until the delivery is complete.

Get your account ready for a boost.

Here are the primary things required from you to do about your page on Instagram before you purchase a boost from here. First, get yourself an avatar and upload it to your profile, after that, ensure that your account has a brief and catchy description - you can even google ways to decorate it with custom fonts and symbols. The last, but not the least, do some publications to fill your page. You don't have to make 1000 posts, a sequence of 3-12 will be enough for the first time.

Make up your mind about the required volume

Stay cool and calm and unemotional while choosing the package you want us to deliver on your Instagram blog. Our starters don't cost much so if you are unsure about the service, we'd like you to begin with the smaller ones to test our performance. In another case, if you are ready for a big boost, fill in your Insta username and tap the buy button to buy 1000 followers on Instagram.

Payment and delivery

It's very easy and safe to pay with PayPal, that's why we chose it to be the only payment system available for now, so you will be transferred to their site to complete the payment procedure. After that, it will take about two minutes to process your order and put it on the delivery line. At this moment relax and have fun, your package is already on the way!


They say it's illegal to buy followers, is it true?

No, it's not. You do not violate any federal or local law or term of Instagram when you buy followers. It is absolutely safe and you won't end up in jail if you do this. However, it is highly recommended to follow the instructions published on pages of and especially on the Terms and Conditions section to receive boosts with no side effects. Once again, buying 1000 Instagram followers on this page is legit.

Do I have to interact with my new followers?

No, you don't have to. You don't have to do anything extra if you buy followers on Instagram using But we recommend to visit their profiles and put likes time to time to show you care. Everybody loves getting likes on their posts, either your new fans do. So why not letting them know you keep your eye on their life and you appreciate it.

I'm facing a drop issue and losing my followers. Can you assist?

Some customers face drops of followers from time to time for the reason of Instagram's filters. The administration is watching the media for artificial increases and puts restrictions to it. We're proud to present you our special 20 days refill guarantee made to nullify the effect of these filters. Just let us know with your order number and we will refill your order within this time period.



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