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You can't buy 30 and 40 Instagram likes on the pages of the biggest shops and that's ok because you are always welcome to do that here, on Krootez. Such small packages are rather rare but we always got them in stock charged and ready to be added on your Instagram 24/7.

30 Instagram Likes


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Are you a blogger or maybe you run a local business? Do you produce music or sell goods? If you recognize yourself in these portraits, you must know that no industry can get to success if missing promotion on social media. Nowadays you have to invest in promoting your image and goods or you will be pulled out from the race. It is especially so on Instagram where the competition in all niches is just crazy. Buying 30 or 40 likes may give your Instagram posts the push you need to make them look better to your audience. The social media crowd effect is like a loop where people more likely would write a comment or put their like to a post with many likes on it. So if you are aiming for a good result on statistics, you should get as many likes on the start as you can. Ask your friends to support you, DM to other users on Instagram, leave comments to trigger their engagement - you can do all of this. But if you feel it's just not enough, you can always buy 30 likes on Instagram from your favorite provider.

Why buying 30 Likes?

The answer is simple: small is good when you're small. It's a well-known fact that while big and famous titles aim for a great result the first steps are the hardest to take. If your account is not too popular yet, it's time to buy yourself 30 likes on your fresh photo.

People prefer buying 30 rather than 40 likes for Instagram. Considering the fact of both packs has the same price, the reason for making this choice is still unknown. The statistics of sales show the same numbers from month to month when speaking of our bestseller products related to IG likes. It's not too difficult to guess that small packages always take the leading part in this game.

If you are looking for a way to increase your visibility on Instagram, to show your posts with better exposure, getting 30 likes on Instagram regularly would sufficiently grow your chances to build a better image. We could name a long and boring list of advantages a good number of likes would bring to your profile, but it is better to say, do it for yourself at first. Even if the likes are paid, it makes many people happy when they see it on their account. We remember the earlier decision of Instagram to quit showing the number of likes in public has led to many's depression and stress. One of our most basic needs is the need to be heard and appreciated, this is the reason getting likes is so special to all Instagrammers around the world. So, discarding all the marketing, blogging, and business reasons, if you are feeling down, buy yourself a little of likes on your photo or video on Instagram. We would be happy if our service was able to make people feel better.



Never saw offers this small before and I'm happy to find it here available any time I need it.


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